Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha and Pooja Vidhi

।। Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi ।।

  • Perform puja to Ganeshji, Shiva & Parvatiji, Karwa and Chauth Mata, by applying kumkum, chawal (rice), offering flowers and lighting lamp. Offer prasad of Churma or Halwa or sugar from the small bowl
  • Recite story of Karwa Chauth and Ganeshji
  • When the moon arises, do puja of moon by offering water, kumkum, chawal, flowers etc.
  • Then exchange Karwa between two women 7 times. While exchanging Karwa recite the following line:
    Alternatingly, one lady asks ‘JAL DHAPI YA SAWAG DHAPI’ and other lady replies ‘JAL DHAPI SAWAG NAHI DHAPI’
  • Then karwa / water is offered by one lady to another to drink and break the fast.
  • Note: If you do not have company of other women your husband can offer water
  • Take aashirwad / blessings of Elders.

।। Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha ।।

There lived a woman who was raised and pampered by her seven brothers. After she attained marriageable age, her siblings got her married to a King. And as expected, she was treated like a queen at her marital home.

Subsequently, on her first Karwa Chauth day, the woman visited her maternal home after observing a vrat. She religiously followed all the rituals but could barely withstand hunger. As she sat impatiently to sight the Moon, one of her brothers, pained by her suffering, kept a lamp on a peepal tree.

Then with a mirror, the brother reflected its image to make his sister believe that the moon has risen. As a result, the woman sighted the mirror and broke her fast. But as soon as her vrat ended, her husband’s health deteriorated.

However, the moment the news of his illness reached her, she left for her marital home. And on her way, she came across Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, who informed her about her the untimely death of her husband. As expected, the woman was devastated, and wondered how could her hale and hearty husband die.

Nonetheless, after learning about her brother’s misdeed, the woman sought forgiveness from the Goddess and asked her to restore her husband’s life. Pleased by the woman’s devotion, Goddess Parvati asked her to observe the vrat and follow the rituals with utmost sincerity. Therefore, the doting wife kept a fast to give a new lease of life to her husband.

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